Welcome to Eternal Tattoo. We opened our doors to Springfield in Feb. 2010, offering unique and personalized tattoos. Eternal Tattoos are not only tattoos, but custom pieces of artwork tailored to the individual. Our artists are here to interpret your idea into a living piece of art that will last forever.We specialize in custom artwork. Our artists are versatile and passionate, and between them can offer a wide variety of styles. A tattoo is more than just a purchase, a tattoo is for life. It has to be right for you. Before you get rushed into picking a tattoo, you should seriously consider what you want; tattoos don't just come off that easily. That’s why we take the time to discuss, pick your brain, draw and show you exactly what your tattoo will look like before you get it.We have an infinite line of colors with the best quality products available. All our artist's are trained in Cross Contamination, Universal Precautions, Sterilization Techniques, Bloodborn Pathogens and have been trained in CPR. When you come to Eternal Tattoo, you will know you're in professional hands. Come down to Eternal Tattoo and you'll find the tattoo studio you've been looking for. Great artists to give you Fresh Artwork from the sharpest shop in Town. Near WalMart on S. Campbell, next to Computer Hospital.