When you walk through the door


Chat with your artists regarding ideas and price. Each artist has a different style, find the one you like. If the artist is available at this time, you will start the process. If not, set up an appointment! The artist will let you know their next available day, and a deposit is required to secure the spot.


The artist will sketch ideas for you, but may need some time, a few days, to create a unique design that will be on your body forever. Patience is a virtue.


Fill out a release form and offer your photo ID (driver license or passport) for the artist to copy and verify you’re at least 18 years of age. No one will be tattooed unless they are at least 18.


Your artist will apply a stencil of your design on your body. This allows you to see where it will be placed. If you have any reservations about size, location, or design, now is the time to voice your concerns – after this step it will be on your body for a lifetime.


The artist implements ink into your skin for long lasting results. This may take several sessions to achieve larger works of art.


The artist will bandage your tattoo with plastic wrap or sterile absorbent bandages.


Wash it gently a few times a day, using very small amounts of unscented moisturizers. Aquaphor is most recommended for the next 2 weeks.