Hi, I’m Nate.​  I received a tattooing license in Kansas in 2004 and got the heck out of there. There aren’t enough trees or hills in Kansas. I moved to Missouri, opened Sacred Art Tattoo and have since had the dream job of a lifetime. I’ve always wanted to grow as an artist and take enough time to perfect my work. I drew “billions” of hours in high school. My primary focus is realism and photo replication. I specialize in portraits, wildlife, landscapes and cover-ups. The opening of Eternal Tattoo has given me time for art; I plan on perfecting my painting skills. More than anything, Eternal Tattoo is an artistic community within which new ideas are exchanged. We like for artists to come in and show us their artwork. This allows us to view upcoming forms of art that most others don’t get to see. As an artist, my goal is to create unique and beautiful work to enhance one of God’s many works of art, the human body.